Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why business owners need Local SEO services?

You are concerned about revenue just like every other business owner. Well, that doesn’t go away. It only helps when you’re able to increase your revenue just like your competitors are quickly doing.

Are you aware 4 out of 5 customers use search engines to get local information? This simply means if your business is yet to be optimized for local search, you are missing out on about 80% of potential customers. Now, that isn’t pleasant, but it’s true. If you want your business to remain relevant, you can’t delay seeking our Local SEO services.

Whether your business has a single address or multiple addresses, our team of SEO experts will help improve your business’ online visibility in key areas that really counts – we’ll get you measurable results, like sales and leads. Our Local SEO services will help promote your business products and services to local customers and prospects.

At the moment, our clients’ companies are enjoying a real and measurable increase in leads and revenues recorded in the past [3 years]. That’s why our Local SEO services company enjoys continuous client recommendation in the industry. With [us], you are assured of getting your business to that level you aim for.

We are dedicated to bringing your stray, potential customers to you!

What does our Local SEO Package include?

Local Keyword Research

This is a core Local SEO task that we engage in to identify most popular words and phrases those around you enter into search engines seeking to get results or solutions to their inquiry. This simply means our services comes with identifying what people around you are searching for the most on search engines like Google and Bing. With this, we can effectively optimize your business site to be one of the highest-ranked on search engines – to recognize and place in local keywords for more sites visits. More visibility means more visits from potential customers.

Monthly Local SEO Content

This package means your business site would be provided local SEO content monthly by our SEO specialist team, based on our agreement. SEO content improves your business visibility online, but any top-notch SEO content can be over-taken by another updated content in search engine ranking. So for us to keep your business sites’ visibility in the high, we will provide you with monthly Local SEO contents.

Ongoing Business Directory Management

also inclusive in our Local SEO package is continual business directory management from our reliable team of marketing experts. We don’t just promote your business to get more visibility and engagements, but we also provide ongoing business directory management to promote your business in the most marketable way. Our business management team is fully dedicated to providing your business with the best.

Review Generation Strategy

With this package come more reviews for your business. We are going to implement several techniques to promote your business, and to generate online reviews. One of the surest ways to get more customers is by having a good number of positive reviews on your product and services. People tend to trust more a product that has been tested by others before them, and would also like to secretly get their opinions of the product or service – most people don’t want to be the first to use a product or service. Simply put, people believe in testimonies than they believe in the very best of products/services description. Some even feel like it’s the buyers versus the sellers in the market. With our Local SEO service package, we can generate these testimonials for your business.

Google My Business Management

Ranking high on Google can be challenging, but is very important for any business and its owner(s). Our Local SEO services package is here to assist your business get to this level and maintain it for as long as possible. The most important benefit of this package is that your GMB listing would rank above most of your competitors, even above other organic search results. This level of ranking allows your business to attract more customers and grow incredibly. Blue Dragon Digital will help your business experience the power and effect of Google My Business.    

Monthly Reporting

With our Local online marketing campaign, we will make us of several techniques and tools at our disposal to grow your business visibility, in customers, in ROI, and give you a better chance of beating your competition. But, even with all these services to be provided, one of the most important things is a report. We offer our clients a monthly report of our services – you get to see changes in your business visibility and growth for each month.

What Can Local SEO Do For Your Business?

Local SEO strategy helps you to draw-in customers that are close by and possibly not aware of your business, increase your business online visibility, drive-in local traffic, get more customers, and increase the revenue of your business.

As long as your company sells locally, Local SEO is one of the best digital marketing strategies to adopt to grow revenue. Local marketing is a strategy that combines several techniques to make your business more visible to potential customers using search engines around you.

Owning and running a business is a challenging task. You have checks to write, bills to pay, training to complete an inventory to keep track of. It’s a full-time job, so it is more advisable to allow a Local SEO service company to handle your business promotion.   

Some companies and business owners handle their Local SEO themselves, and if you’ll like to do so, below are some of the few things to handle.

  • You’ll dedicate time to study the ins and outs of Local SEO strategy; not the basics, but the complexity of each sub-strategy (like keyword research, content marketing, and on/off-page SEO) to ensure that your business campaign is successful.
  • You’ll also have to study in-depth tools and techniques like HTML coding, and the complexity of platforms like Google Analytics and Google My Business.
  • If you choose to allow someone on your team to handle your business Local SEO, you’ll also put in mind to pay for the resources they need to learn the craft. Also, Local SEO is a full-time task, meaning you’ll have to get someone else to fill in for them.

If all these seem overwhelming, well, that’s because it is. You aren’t alone. That’s the reason our clients hired us. Contact us today and get our full-time dedication to boost your business marketing.

How is Local SEO different from regular SEO?

Unlike Regular SEO, Local SEO is focused on increasing your business local visibility, making your business to stand out in a specific geographical area. Regular SEO is aimed at bringing chain, or medium to large companies more online visibility.

Local SEO provides you with more specific target customers that are closest to your business, whereas regular SEO is preferably adopted by businesses with potential customers around the world.

For instance, if you choose to utilize our Local SEO services, the aim will be to earn high rankings online when people or a person searches phrases or keywords related to your company.

Simply put, Local SEO is targeted around a particular location/city to make your marketing hyper-focused to your location, whereas regular SEO targets a more national/worldwide approach to SEO.

Why you should choose us for your Local SEO agency?

We are a team of highly skilled individuals, who are experts in digital marketing. We specialize in creating localized SEO campaigns to help small to medium-sized companies grow their presence online organically. We are a team committed to taking localized businesses to their higher levels of revenue flow through digital marketing; Local SEO campaigns to be exact.

We have helped are still helping our clients experience continuous growth in online visibility, engagements and revenue growth.

Every promise made before an agreement or contract is to be taken with little levity, except there is a way to continuously and occasionally check for actual results. With our service comes monthly report on your business search engine visibility. Additionally, our Local SEO campaigns include but not limited to:
We Do the research
We do the implementations
We keep you updated with monthly reporting and tracking
We analyze your website regularly to improve your SEO  

Here at Blue Dragon Digital, we take your business as our own, providing you with excellent Local SEO services. Contact us today, and let us transform your business!

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