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What is Landscaping SEO?

SEO – An epitome of strategic planning, wide-ranging objectives, creative thinking, and data-driven implementation, is undoubtedly one of the most important roles of marketing. SEO (search engine optimization) is the very process of optimizing and enhancing the visibility of your website on the Internet. This process involves several factors, as well as the implementation of solutions that result in an increased amount of organic search traffic and, ultimately, conversions. Focus on search engine optimization ensures your website is more visible in search engines, and this visibility makes a crucial contribution to the overall success of your online business. After all, with billions of searches being conducted every day, it is now more important than ever to raise awareness of an organization’s products and services online. While search engines are indeed the most frequently used modes of search, they are also the most targeted since their relevance is apparent. SEO helps you connect with your target audience through an intuitive, effective marketing strategy. Get a FREE SEO VIDEO AUDIT today!

Our Approach To Landscaping SEO

Some of the most important methods our team uses to optimize your local business include:

Local Keyword Optimization

Local SEO for Landscaping is strategically targeted towards the audience in your immediate area. We find and recommend the best keywords to rank Landscaping websites on local search.

Landscaping Content Creation

We create Landscaping content to support your local lawn care SEO campaign. This could be additional service pages, articles on your website, or articles for third-party websites, which link back to your website.

Google My Business

Strategic optimization of your GMB profile for maximum exposure on the local search results page and within Google Maps. It is highly important that your Landscaping GMB ranks in the 3-pack in your local city.

Business Citations

Be visible on sites where potential cleints are visiting. Popular local news website, and authoritative business listings. All these will help optimize your local SEO marketing strategy.

Link Building

Our local SEO services feature organic links that reach a targeted audience beyond local. These are typically done in the form of guest posting on other Landscaping or gardening related websites.

City Landing Pages

Creating a strong local presence starts with your website. We create highly optimized city landing pages so that your Landscaping business and services can gain further visibility in your area.

On Page Optimization

On-site optimization of existing content and geographic-specific strategies are the cornerstones of our local SEO services for Landscaping businesses.

Schema Markup

Schema is code that you may implement in order to help search engines return more informative and relevant results for users.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive design is an integral part of our site builds, as it integrates your site with any device and impacts usability, especially for mobile phones.

On-Page SEO Example for Landscaping

1. Title Tag & Meta Description:

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions are arguably the first things a user reads when one of your web pages shows up in search engine results. These are crucial to your optimization strategy and should be carefully chosen in order to effectively utilize the space.

The core function of the title tag is very simple; it’s the title for your web page. It’s the 1st thing visitors see and reveals it to Google as a major part of the page. The core function of the Meta Description is very similar; it’s the short description of your web page. It’s a selling tool and reveals to Google what the page is all about. Both of these are also important for user experience, as they are the first thing a visitor sees when one of your websites show up in search engine results.

Content For Landscaping SEO

2. On-Page Content:

Essentially On-page content includes the content tactics you utilize in optimizing your site content. This includes text, images, videos, and links. When these elements are more focused on your target audience with a consistent theme, they will help draw in more users that have a relevant interest in your business. We will also ensure that your site pages do not have any duplicate content and are properly linked. At Blue Dragon Digital we create SEO optimized Landscaping content that ranks highly on search engines that has increased traffic by 80%,

Landscaping Keyword Rich Content

3. Targeted keywords for Landscaping SEO

Our team ensures that your Landscaping website is every bit relevant, interesting, and keyword dense. It’s important that your content is properly optimized. We take full advantage of the fact that in the world of the 21st century, your website is a reflection of your Landscaping business, so clients look to the content you have on your website and use it as a measure of how your Landscaping business is, and the level of service with which it does its business. We focus on making your website be found for search terms like “Landscaping in Dallas” or “Best Landscapers Houston” which are high buyer intent Landscaping keywords.

Receive Top Landscaping SEO Services

Landscaping SEO, in a broad sense, means getting Google to determine you as the most exclusive source of quality information for your specialty and place you at the top of the search engine results for your given set of keywords. For example: when someone searches “Doctor SEO Dallas,” Google displays my website in positions #1 & #2.

Then by integrating Google My Business, which is Google’s business listing for locally established businesses, you make sure that Google knows your details in order to display you like the most up-to-date and authoritative source for that information.

Strategically, after the initial consultation, we uncover and analyze the type of content that’s the most relevant to your site and audience and produce it with a direct objective of ranking higher in the search engines. This is when SEO goes beyond creating compelling content; it’s about knowing how to harness the power of SEO to maximize your organic reach.

Your site’s website architecture is the backbone of SEO optimization. Our team has experience putting together, dissecting, and editing the hierarchical structure of a web page in order to achieve the most positive effect possible.

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Landscaping SEO Strategies

Landscaping today has crossed more frontiers than ever before. The ever-changing dynamics makes today a very important phase in the Landscaping circle. The coming of Landscaping SEO makes the lawn care professionals know the importance of having a Landscaping website online and thereby improving the flow of clients to them. Blue Dragon Digital today is a leading name that offers online marketing ideas to lawn care professionals for their Landscaping businesses. The Landscaping SEO strategy with us gives the service of attracting customers online. Our Digital Marketing services are widely acclaimed for their high-end and result-oriented approach that keeps the clients closely connected with their audiences.

We offer a wide range of services to support your business growth in the online environment. Using the most common Search Engine Optimization techniques, Blue Dragon Digital generates online visibility, drives traffic to your websites, and increases your business through integrated online marketing.

Data Driven SEO
Bespoke Strategies
Game Changing Digital Marketing

Tired of working with big SEO agencies that can't get you results? Then we are here to help! Details and communication is what we strive on.

Our Top Landscaping SEO Services

Local Keyword Research

This is a core Local SEO task that we engage in to identify the most popular words and phrases those around you enter into search engines seeking to get results or solutions to their inquiry. With this, we can effectively optimize your business site to be one of the highest-ranked on search engines – to recognize and place in local keywords for more sites visits.

Monthly Local SEO Content

SEO content improves your business visibility online, by promoting your services and also making your business seem like the "Go-To" business for those products and services. Our SEO specialists create content that ranks highly on search engines and brings targetied traffic to your website.

Ongoing Business Directory Management

Another feature in our Local SEO package is continual business directory management from our reliable team of marketing experts. We don't just promote your business to get more visibility and engagements, but we also provide ongoing business directory management to promote your business in the most marketable way.

Google My Business Management

Ranking high on Google can be challenging, but is very important for any business and its owner(s). The most important benefit of this package is that your GMB listing would rank above most of your competitors, even above other organic search results. This level of ranking allows your business to attract more customers and grow incredibly. Blue Dragon Digital will help your business experience the power and effect of Google My Business.    

Link Building

Every SEO campaign needs to include backlinks if you want to get serious results. Think of backlinks such as the fuel to your SEO campaign. These are built strategically to your website with the intention of increasing your Google rankings. These backlinks can be in the form of guest posts, business directories, press releases, social media profiles, and more.

Monthly Reporting

With our Local online marketing campaign, we will make us of several techniques and tools at our disposal to grow your business visibility, in customers, in ROI, and give you a better chance of beating your competition. But, even with all these services to be provided, one of the most important things is a report. We offer our clients a monthly report of our services – you get to see changes in your business visibility and growth for each month.

SEO Clients

Why Work With Blue Dragon Digital?

Our Texas-based SEO agency doesn’t just focus on getting you a first page ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Our local SEO services help doctors and medical professions like you achieve higher conversion rates, improved UX, and UI. We take the time to get to know you and your medical practice personally. We are not a company that just signs you on and you never hear from them again. We keep in communication with our clients every step of the way. We carefully build an effective and creative SEO strategy that will not only improve with Google’s algorithmic changes but drive leads and sales too.

Contact The Best Landscaping SEO Company Today!

We know Local SEO for landscapers, and we can assure you that you, will get quality services on a month-to-month basis. Blue Dragon Digital provides SEO that brings your business a positive ROI. We can increase your organic traffic, leads, and phone calls by ranking you highly on Google. Give Blue Dragon Digital, a group of dedicated Dallas SEO consultants a call today to find out how we can improve your business growth online today!

Our Thought Leadership


Landscaping SEO is basically the process of optimizing your website to rank higher on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo so that your medical practice shows up on the 1st page for local searches such as "Landscaping Dallas" or "Landscapers in Dallas tx". These types of searches are customers who are actively searching for your services. This is why it is so important that you're applying SEO to your website on a monthly basis.

Yes, you certainly can however as a business owner you have so many other day-to-day task on your schedule that the last thing you should be worries about is your marketing. Plus you will need to put a lot of extra time into learning and implementing SEO strategies. This is were Blue Dragon Digital can help your company with it's digital marketing needs. We have a team of in-house professionals who are highly trained in SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Content Writing, Social Media Management, and more!

SEO is definitely a long-term game plan, however once your at the top of Google, it is pretty much like free advertisement. SEO results can vary from industry to industry as you need to take into consideration things such as the competition, and keyword difficulty. However most companies will see the fruits of SEO in 6-12 months. 

The cost of an SEO campaign can very from industry to industry as it can vary from the number of hours that will be put into the campaign and the final needs of the content such as content, social media, web design, etc. Our basic SEO packages begin at $500 a month for smaller websites and increase from there.

No digital marketing company can offer their clients #1 results as there are many factors at times that are out of our control such as every changing search algorithms, new competition, and time that will go into a digital marketing campaign. However we can guarantee that each of our clients will get 100% from our end in terms of quality and work being put out by our team of experts.

Why Choose Us?

We build custom WordPress websites that are built for speed and mobility. Focused on the user experience to maximize conversions.

All of our staff is required to be certified and take on going training courses to stay up to date on the latest digital marketing & SEO tactics.

At Blue Dragon Digital we don’t just focus on getting your website but actually getting phone call.

We are not like these big agencies that simply get your website up and you never hear from them again. You will hear from us on a weekly basis on your projects and keeping you up to date on every step being done on your campaigns.

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